Accounting and auditing services

Our Audit Approach:

Our audit will focus sharply on your organization, operations, and major risk areas. It will involve a high level of strategic and client services planning, and is backed by skilled specialists in the areas of computer information, Zakat and Tax regulations. The continuous involvement by the engagement partner will ensure a specially tailored audit approach that will be responsive to your business and control structure.

We strongly believe that the audit process should provide more than an examination of the financial statements. In addition, we will provide our observations on internal controls, risk management, information systems, strategic positioning, competitive posture and performance.

Audit Phases


During the planning phase, we will obtain a through understanding of your organization, management, accounting systems, internal controls, financial reports and identify your major risk areas. Also during this phase, we will document your accounting and control policies.

Primary Examination

During the primary examination we will determine whether the internal control system of the important processes works with the required efficiency through detailed tests of the internal control system which can be relied upon, and then determine the nature and time of the tests on the final balances.

Year-End Examination

Shortly after the accounts are closed, our audit staff will begin the year-end phase of the examination. This phase will include updating and completing interim work as necessary and reviewing and testing the year-end account balances. We will closely coordinate the timing of our work with your accounting department. It is always our policy to meet with management to review drafts of our report, the financial statements and our recommendations prior to their final issuance. We will also meet with the Board of Directors to discuss the results of our work in detail prior to issuing our report.


The accounting services that we provide to our clients include all phases of accounting starting with the preparation of the chart of accounts and then recording journal entries, prepare payroll…etc., ending with the financial statements in its final form.

Accounting services goes beyond that as we prepare and design reports for the management according to the needs of the entity.