Tax & Zakat

Saudi Arabian Zakat and Tax Services

Virtually all business decisions you make affect your zakat and tax bills. Our Saudi zakat and tax advisers will alert you to the current zakat and tax implications of your decisions and anticipate regulatory and other developments that may have an impact on planned transactions.

Some of our Zakat and tax services that can benefit our clients include the following:

  • Review of financial statements and zakat and tax accounting methods that effects zakat and tax matters.
  • Recommendations on zakat and tax return documentation and record-keeping procedures.
  • Assistance to minimize zakat and tax liabilities.
  • Preparation and filing of provisional and final zakat and tax declarations.
  • Representation before the DZIT and other authorities, and assistance in obtaining rulings.
  • Review of contract language to identify wording that may result in unfavorable and unintended zakat and tax consequences.
  • Preparation of protests and negotiating settlements with zakat and tax authorities.
  • Follow-up on the prior years zakat and tax returns for the purpose of resolving outstanding issues and obtaining the final zakat and tax certificates.